Year of The Tiger

Il Capodanno Cinese a Prato celebra l’inizio dell’anno della Tigre con la danza del Drago ed i riti propiziatori.

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  1. beautiful site … liked your other one as well … we are using the same theme, but a lot of things don’t work the way we like them. And now I saw this and would love to use little images of our projects – as you have them here at the bottom. how can you do this?

    would be great to get some help. Thanks Monika

  2. Hello! I’ve been using Autofocus for a while just to give it a try, then i think i’ll be back to Duotone. However, the structure is unchanged: the little images below the big photo are inserted with a simple shortcut which calls a gallery; the gallery was made using the great plugin Next-Gen Gallery. Find it here:

  3. thanks so much! I will give it a try.

    enjoy the day, Monika

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